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Santa Claus is coming to town
Wednesday, December 24, 2014
To sign up for MTVFC#1 Santa to come to your house, click on the following url 

Train like you are going to need it some day
Saturday, November 1, 2014 07:00
Saturday's and Sunday's are all fun and games for some. Not the Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Department. They trained on Saturday November 1st at 7am until 4 and again on Sunday. ERT Consultants, LLC came to instruct Basic & Advanced MVX OPS. The rain and wind didn't stop the learning experience. We simulated real life motor vehicle crashes and trapped victims. The crews divided and changed officers to make sure everyone was taking part in all operations whether it was being in command for the incident or being first off the truck to assess the scene and verify scene safety. Every firefighter was able to get their hands on the extrication tools and motor vehicle equipment. Please take a look at the photos in our gallery from this recent training.

Memorial Day Parade
Monday, May 26, 2014
Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Company # 1 will be participating in the Memorial Day Parade in Jamesburg starting at 10am and the Spotswood Memorial Day Parade at 2pm. Come out and show your support since Memorial Day is a day for remembering and honoring military personnel who died in the service for our country!

Making the Trucks Shine
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Bring the little ones out to see the firefighters wash and wax the trucks and prepare them for the Memorial Day Parades!

Hurricane Sandy Ousted by Monroe Fire Dist. #1
Monday, October 29, 2012 
Station 51 along with all of the state of New Jersey weathered the worst of what Hurricane Sandy brought. Though a rare and powerful hurricane coming through with damaging winds and heavy rains; Station 51 was well prepared and on the top of their game.

The men and woman left their homes and families for hours on end to answer call after call through night and day for all that were in need. For nearly 6 straight days, an in-station crew responded to nearly 100 call varying from working structure fires, CO emergencies, and numerous down trees and power lines.

Learning from what Tropical Storm Irene brought a year ago, Station 51 was prepared for the worst. Days prior to the storms arrival, officers prepped specialized water rescue equipment and trained with firefighters for what might be around the corner. Nearly a third of the volunteer department is swift water rescue trained and armed with the dedication and confidence to help anybody in need.

Days later with the township of Monroe still wounded from Hurricane Sandy. The members of Station 51 continued their in-house stand by and responded to more calls for help in the middle of an early November nor'ester. Though the snow may have been nice, the ice underneath was the culprit. Calls for transformers blowing out, more downed trees and power lines prompted responses to various developments in the primary response area.

As the members of District #1 have shown though this major disaster; no matter what mother nature brings, failure is never an option.

MTVFC#1 Mourns the Loss of Life Member
Thursday, August 30, 2012 
Please join us in mourning the loss of Life Member, Jeffrey Kivet. Our thoughts an prayers go to his family and friends. Around 600 emergency services personnel from several surrounding communities gathered at the Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels in East Brunswick Sept. 2 to bid farewell to Jeffrey Kivet, 66, of Monroe, who passed away unexpectedly on Aug. 30 at his home. ”This was the way he would’ve wanted to go. Many people told me if they could have half of this, this would be awesome,” son Scott Kivet, a member of the Robbinsville Police Department, said. “He had a party on the way out.” According to police, Mr. Kivet was pronounced dead at his South Rhoda Street home at 11:42 a.m. after police and EMS crews responded to the residence. Police said it appeared that Mr. Kivet fell through the attic of his garage, landing on the garage floor. Scott Kivet said his father likely went to the attic to get fishing supplies when the accident happened and was able, after falling, to crawl into the den inside the home where he was found by a neighbor. According to those attending the funeral, Mr. Kivet served his town in many ways as a life member of the Monroe Township Volunteer Fire District #1, past Fire Commissioner, volunteer at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, and a former soccer coach in Monroe. He became a firefighter in the 1980s and continued into the mid-90s and served for 20 plus years, according to Scott Kivet. ”He loved being a firefighter,” Scott Kivet said. “I started as a kid growing up in the firehouse with him, hanging on him. Then as the table turned, I got up there and he would come to fires with me. It became a nice life extension for my dad.” Scott Kivet said his father owned Cruise Value Center in East Brunswick for the past 16 years where “he built an enterprise out of the travel agency.” ”He took us so many places growing up,” daughter Tracy Spalding of Monroe said. “We use to go to Disney World every year when we were little and we cruised a lot.” As wedding presents, he would give away honeymoon trips to the people in his firehouse Scott Kivet recalled. ”He would help out anybody in my firehouse,” Scott Kivet said. “He would go out of his way for strangers.” Around 600 firefighters, emergency medical technicians, police officers and other types of emergency services personnel both in uniform and civilian clothing came to pay their respects one by one. Many departments including Monroe Volunteer Fire District #1, Monroe Fire District #2, Monroe Fire District #3, East Brunswick Fire District #1 Old Bridge Volunteer Fire Company, East Brunswick Independent Fire Company District # 2, Brookview Volunteer Fire Company East Brunswick Fire District # 3, Lawrenceville Fire Departments, Plainsboro Fire Company, Cranbury Volunteer Fire Company, Hightstown Engine Company #1, East Volunteer Fire Company #1 and #2, Englishtown Fire Department, Kingston Volunteer Fire Company, Kendall Park Fire Department, Princeton Fire Company, Jamesburg Fire Department, State Forest Fire Service, Lawrence Township Fire District 3, Lawrence Road Fire Company Fire District 2, Spotswood Fire Department, Millstone Fire Department, Monroe Municipal Ambulance Services, Ewing Police Department, N.J. S.P.C.A. Police Department, East Brunswick Police Department, Hightstown Police Department, East Windsor Police Department, Monroe Police Department, Park Police, Plainsboro Police Department, Toms River Auxiliary Police Department, Baltimore Police Department, FBI, and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office were all represented at the service. ”It was an amazing turnout and a fitting tribute to Jeff and his son, Scott, and their many contributions to emergency services in Middlesex, Mercer and surrounding counties,” said Chief Jim Pedley of the Plainsboro Fire Company. The procession to Beth Israel Cemetery in Woodbridge was led by a Robbinsville police patrol car as well as a Spotswood police motorcycle, and followed by additional police and fire units that assisted the procession through some of the busier intersections on their way . Mr. Kivet would, from time to time, spend some time with his son while on patrol for Robbinsville. ”He used to love riding in my police car,” Scott Kivet said. Lt. Michael Polaski of Robbinsville Police Department also recalled Mr. Kivet’s ride-alongs with his son. ”He would sometimes ride along with Scott, just to see what it was his son was doing,” said Lt. Polaski. “I think he thought he was on ‘Cops.’ Jeff was a family man and a great friend to all that knew him. Scott and his dad were best friends, closer than any father son I know.” Others at the funeral also remembered Mr. Kivet. ”Jeff was always someone who could make you laugh with a quick joke or a funny comment about whatever was going on at the time,” said Past Fire Chief Richard Hayes of Monroe. “Jeff’s heart was always into helping the fire department in any way he could whether serving as commissioner, president or treasurer, he took on the position and did his best.” ”Jeff was a dedicated volunteer firefighter and elected Fire Commissioner, often putting the needs of Monroe residents before his own,” said Monroe Township Business Administrator and Spotswood volunteer firefighter of, Wayne Hamilton. “He will be missed.” When two simultaneous bouts with cancer made him stop fighting fires, Mr. Kivet volunteered at a local hospital, Scott Kivet said. ”I saw Jeff last only a few weeks ago at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital as he was volunteering to make patients smile, “said Chief Nick Poliseno of Spotswood Fire Department. “Jeff would come see me at the hospital when I would get treatments for my 9/11 WTC disease. Jeff would always make me laugh and change my attitude when I was down.” ”Surviving are his wife Paula; a son, Scott who is a member of the Robbinsville Police Department; two daughters Tracy Spalding and Shari Steier; a sister Lorraine Kivet, and four grandchildren,” said Manager Peter Kulbacki of Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels in East Brunswick. ”If I could be half the man my dad was I would be a great man,” Scott. Kivet said. “I miss him so much already.” **Article from The Cranbury Press**

Quick Stop Saves Repair Shop
Working Fire
   Working Fire
Thursday, July 5, 2012 17:37
As temperatures were nearing the 100 degree mark, Stations 51, Station 23A & 23B, and 57 were soaring to new heights with a quick stop at a local repair shop.

With members already in station, Station 51 was dispatched for a car fire at the gas station on Spotswood-Englishtown Road. Immediately calling in service, Engine 51-3 (Capt. F. Steinhauser) pulled onto the road and noticed a very pecular sight. In front of him towering into the evening sky was a thick black column of smoke eminating from 293 Spotswood-Englishtown Road and definitely was not at the gas station as initially dispatched. Pulling on location, Captain Steinhauser reported a fully involved van with extention to the building it was up against and called for a full box to the scene for a working structure fire.

Chief 51 (A. Costa) arrived on location and assumed command and Deputy 51 (L. Pipero) assumed operations and put in service an inch and three-quarter handline and began suppression from 51-3. Squad 51 (A/O A. Perez) arrived on location and was ordered to establish a water supply on the adjacent corner and to pull an additional two inch CAFS line to the structure and assist in suppression efforts. Ladder 51 (A/O R. Perry Sr.) arrived and set up for ventilation which proved to be not needed as both handlines swiftly and successfully extinguished the fire. Within 10 minutes all visible fire had been knocked down from the van and inside the structure.

More units began to arrived as 23-5 assumed the responsibility of RIC team as a precaution. Tower 57 and Ladder 23-8 assisted the already exhausted crews with salvage and overhaul. Due to the soaring temperatures and rising humidity, Command also had respond in to the scene Spotswood Fire Department, Jamesburg Fire Department, and East Brunswick Independent Fire Company. Monroe EMS ensured all fire personel operating on scene was well hydrated and cool.

In just under two hours, Station 51 and all of its mutual aid companies cleared up and returned back to their respective stations, taking in some much needed A/C.

The fire remains under investigation by the Monroe Township Fire District #1 Fire Prevention Bureau.

Units on location: Engine 51-3 (Capt. F. Steinhauser), Squad 51-2 (A/O A. Perez), Ladder 51-1 (A/O R. Perry, Sr.), Rescue 51-4 (A/O J. Mizrahi), Special Services 51-10 (LT. A. Zdrodowski), Engine 23-5, Ladder 23-8, Tower 57-1, Spotswood 71-4, Jamesburg FD, & EB Independent Fire Company.

Congratulations Fire I Graduates
Friday, June 22, 2012 
Congratulations to the following members on graduating from Middlesex County Fire Academy in their successful completion of Fire Fighter I. Join MTVFC#1 in welcoming to the ranks; FF Christian Ventriello, FF Gabriel Murtha, and FF Raymond LeBrun.

Car Port Fully Involved in Rossmore
Sunday, April 8, 2012 
Return from a call on Sunday, April 8th, Station 51, along with Stations 23 and 57 were dispatched for a car port fire in Rossmore. Immediately calling in service Engine 51-3 (Lt. A. Zdrodowski) and Rescue 51-4 (A/O R. Siemon) were advised of heavy black smoke producing a column in the distance of other responding units. Engine 51-3 was responding and could see a well formed column of smoke from miles away. Ladder 23-8 arrived on location and reported a fully involved car port next to a residence with possible live electrical wires on the ground.

Engine 23-5 arrived and was advised to hit the hydrant on the corner and feed 23-8. Ladder 23-8 had put in service a 2 1/2 inch CAFS and a 1 3/4 inch CAFS preconnect to opposing sides of the structure and began suppression. Tower 57-1 and Engine 51-3 arrived at the same time and reported to command.

Orders for 51-3 were to search division two of the adjacent residence and evacuate any residence inside. Once complete, 51-3's crew was split in half to put another line in service for suppression and to relieve crews, already exhausted, on the 2 1/2 inch CAFS line. The fire was placed under control and overhaul of the collapsed car port began. Six vehicles were destroyed as well as several others sustaining damage from the radiant heat.

The fire is under investigation, jointly, by Fire Prevention District #1 and District #3.

Congrats Commissioners
Saturday, February 18, 2012 
The Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Company would like to congratulate the winners of the 2012 District #1 Commissioner Election.

Congratulations to Robert Lebrun, Michael Costello, and Vincent Dilieto for their re-election to the District #1 Board of Fire Commissioners.

Commissioner meetings are held at Station 51, 24 Harrision Avenue Monroe Township, NJ every third Wednesday of each month at 7pm.

Christmas Morning Mutual Aid
Sunday, December 25, 2011 
Early Christmas Morning, Station 51 was dispatched to Spotwood Borough as per the box alarms to 250 Cresant Avenue for a fire alarm activation. As Spotwood units began to arrive, Spotswood PD reported a heavy smoke condition on the second floor with a possible fire in an apartment. Spotswood fire units arrived on location and confirmed that there was a kitchen fire within one of the units and called for Rescue 51-4 (A/O V. DiLieto) to join Ladder 51-1 (2nd LT A. Zdrodowski) to the location.

Ladder 51 arrived on location and recieved order from D/C Andrews to make way to the 2nd floor and began ventilation and overhaul of the unit in question. Crews, with tools, met up with 2nd LT Drako and went to work. Rescue 51-4 crew arrived on location was assisted in the evacuation of many residents as their was still a heavy smoke condition on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building. Ventilation was completed of the entire structure within 2 hours and all 51 units cleared up to return home just in time to open presents. Thanks to all first responders on this holiday! Merry Christmas.

Morning House Fire in Manor Section
Monday, December 12, 2011 
On the morning of December 12, 2011, Monroe Volunteer Fire Company #1, along with Stations 23 and 57, were dispatched to 29 Drake Avenue for an oven fire. Monroe Township PD arrived on location and notified dispatch of a working structure fire. Within 2 minutes Squad 51-2 (A/O P. Ivins) went in service to the location with a crew of 3 and arrived  to find a single-story residential with fire showing from the CD corner. Seconds after, Chief 51 (L. Pipero) arrived on location and assumed command. The Squad crew pulled a 200ft, 2 inch CAFS line to the door and made entry. Minutes after Engine 23-5 arrived on location and secured a water supply to Squad 51-2. Simultaneously, Ladder 51-1 (2nd LT A. Zdrodowski) arrived on location and was ordered by command to pull a back up line and suppress the fire.

The main body of fire in the kitchen was knocked down, but the fire had progressed into the main attic space and was well involved. More units arrived on location soon-thereafter with Engine 23-15 providing vertical ventilation and 23-5 to perform a search of the residence. During the search, Station 23 personnel had discovered a victim; the search team, along with the back up line crew, removed the victim and began providing EMS. The victim was transported by Monroe EMS but was pronounce at the hospital.

The fire was placed under control in approximately 30-40 minutes with the house being a total lose. The fire is currently under investigation by the Monroe Township Police Department and the Monroe Township District #1 Fire Prevention Bureau.

Monroe Twp. Fire District 1 would like to thank for all the hard work of the mutual aid companies for this fire and all of 2011: East Brunswick Dist. 1, Jamesburg FD, and Spotswood FD.

MTVFC1 Takes Swift Water Rescue Class
Swift Water Tech
   Swift Water Tech
Sunday, October 23, 2011 
Early Sunday morning, temperatures still below 50 degrees, members of the Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Company traveled to the banks of the Delaware River for Swift Water Rescue Tech class taught by ERT Consultants, LLC. Seventeen members successfully passed the class but left with more than just a certfication. All members were pushed to their limits to enter fast moving water, jumping in for the rescue, and rigging up systems. All in all, MTVFC1 is stronger not only with the certification and confidence to push through tough situations, like Hurricane Irene, but also built stronger team relationships and support systems for each other to succeed. Nice Job Station 51!

Matano Structure Fire
Saturday, September 10, 2011 00:07
Shortly after midnight, on September 10th, Station 51 along with Station 23 and Station 57, were dispatched to 3 Matano Drive for a possible structure fire. Deputy 51 (A. Costa) arrived on location first to find a two-story residential building with heavy fire showing on side 'D' of an attached garage with possible extention to the second floor attic space. Chief 51 assumed command upon arrival and called for a 2nd Alarm, bringing an engine from South Old Bridge and an engine from Spotswood Borough.

Squad 51 (Capt. F. Steinhauser) arrived on location and pulled a 2 1/2 inch CAFS line to the garage and began suppression. A second line (LT. A. Hayes) was pulled the exterior of the garage to protect the members from an exposed full propane tank, who's valve had let go. Once the main body of fire was knocked down in the garage, the initial attack line made way onto the second floor, with help from 23 and 57 units pulling ceilings, the attack line was able to extinguish the fire that had extended into division two.

All units on location assisted in overhaul of the garage and divison two to hit hot spots within the house. After overhaul the scene was turned over to Monroe PD and Fire District #1 Fire Prevention Bureau to determine the cause of the fire, which is still under investigation.

Thanks to all mutual aid companies for their swift response and coverage assignments; East Brunswick E702, Jamesburg FD, Spotswood FD, and South Old Bridge Fire Company.

Other units on location: Engine 51-3 (LT A. Hayes), Rescue 51-4 (FF C. Hoffman), Ladder 23-8, Engine 23-5, Tower 57-1.

Monroe Twp Beats Hurricane Irene
Sunday, August 28, 2011 
With howling winds and torrential down pours over the night and into the day of August 28th, Hurricane Irene gave the residents and members of MTVFC1 a rough go. Anticipating the worst, Station 51 held an in-house standby of two crews to man Squad 51-2 and Ladder 51-1, as well as a first responder vehicle.

The crews initially ran calls of down power lines and trees down but as the night grew longer, the calls grew worse. Flood waters were rising and from midnight through 7pm Sunday, the volunteers of Station 51 responded non-stop to various calls. From trees into houses to flooding and even to mudslides; District 1 had their hands full. Working together with other municipalities and state run agencies, an estimated 100+ people were rescued by District 1 and their mutual aid friends over the course of 24 hours.

As the day grew to a close with the in-house standby continuing their stay, rest was still #2 on their minds. All members should be proud of what they accomplished and the perseverance they showed over 36+ hours continuous dispatches.

District 1 would like to thank the members of all mutual aid companies that assisted in the successful rescue of the residents of Monroe Township. Station 51 would also like to thank the men and women of Monroe Township who have come together to help the strangers in need who have been affected by the flooding.

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